About Tress Diary

Tress Diary was founded by a group of Black women who were tired of struggling with hair care products that didn't cater to their unique needs. Frustrated with the lack of representation in the hair care industry, they set out to create a brand that prioritized natural ingredients and effective results for Black hair.

Inspired by traditional Chinese herbal remedies, they developed Tress Diary Hair Growth Oil using a blend of natural extracts and nourishing oils. They worked tirelessly to perfect the formula, testing it on themselves and their friends, and incorporating feedback from their community along the way.

Today, Tress Diary is more than just a hair care brand - it's a movement. We're committed to empowering Black women to embrace their natural beauty and take control of their hair care journeys. Our mission is to provide products that nourish and enhance the unique texture and beauty of Black hair, and to create a community that celebrates and supports Black women in all aspects of their lives.

Join us in the Tress Diary movement and experience the transformative power of natural, Black-owned hair care.